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Xornada sobre a Prevención do delito a partir da detección do risco


Training for professionals of the socio-educational field on the prevention of behaviour problems in children and teenagers.

The research group UDIPRE developed the “[Mastery Course in Prevention of Behaviour Problems in Childhood and Adolescence]” that is aimed at professionals from the socio-educational system (psychologists, advisors, prevention technicians, social trainers, teachers, pedagogues, psychopedagogues, social workers…). This course is offered by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Post-Graduate, Third Cycle and Continuing Education Centre).

It is a course of theoretical and practical nature aimed at professionals wanting to acquire the needed knowledge to do a rigorous prevention work with children and teenagers who are prone to develop dysfunctional behaviours for their healthy development, as for instance, early-onset disruptive behaviours, drug use and antisocial behaviour during adolescence.

One of the course’s main purposes is to train participants in the application of the [Construyendo Salud] and [EmPeCemos] programmes.

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Advising to institutions working with young people with behaviour problems 

UDIPRE offers to the socioeducational community advising service on prevention related topics, as for instance:

  • Needs analysis and evaluation
  • Which are the most appropriate interventions
  • How to design and plan an intervention
  • How to implement the intervention programme
  • What to evaluate in the intervention and how to do it

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Implementation of intervention programmes to prevent and treat behaviour problems

UDIPRE puts at your disposal a team of technicians specialized on the application of following preventive intervention programmes to avoid problematic behaviour in children and teenagers:

Adaptation of programmes to given specific contexts

One of the most innovative services UDIPRE provides is the adaptation of our prevention programmes to given intervention contexts (youth foster institutions, community sociocultural associations, etc.) or to a specific target population (immigrant communities, lower social classes, etc.).
Our prior experience in this field enabled us to develop a preventive intervention called "El semáforo de los problemas" “[The problem traffic lights]” which was especially adapted to be implemented in youth foster care institutions and a multicultural drug prevention programme called "Mantente REAL" “[Keep REAL!]

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Evaluation of preventive intervention programmes and treatments of behavioural problems

Thanks to its extensive experience in the research and evaluation of prevention programmes UDIPRE is able to offer an external evaluation service on any kind of intervention in a school, family or community context. The service provided includes the design of specific evaluation tools and procedures and the collection, analysis and interpretation of the results, as well as writing the evaluation report.

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