Xornada sobre a Prevención do delito a partir da detección do risco

EmPeCemos [Let's Start]

Child behaviour problems may become a real handicap for its adaptive development. Although the evolution of these problems varies from one case to another, the risk of getting worse affecting gradually more functional areas of the child is there.

Given the difficulties in intervening in behaviour problems once they have become chronic, it is necessary to design interventions focused on the early stages of the problematic. In this line, we developed the EmPeCemos Programme which is a multi-component intervention aiming to motivate parents, teachers and children to work together in order to intervene in children’s behaviour problems and prevent them from social, emotional and behavioural imbalance all through their development.

Previously trained technicians guide all three components of the programme (necessarily two technicians for the children’s component). “EmPeCemos” is not meant to be a space where participants just “receive” information. During the sessions the stress is be put on discussion activities (which enable technicians to clarify prior attitudes and motivate participants to learn new things), modelling and skills training.

Target group

Seven to ten-years-old children with behaviour problems and their teachers and families.