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> What kind of children problems is the “EmPeCemos” Programme aimed at?
> Is “EmPeCemos” a scientifically founded programme?
> Is the “EmPeCemos” Programme effective?

What kind of children problems is the “EmPeCemos” Programme aimed at?

The programme has been designed to act on a range of severe behavioural problems, which manifest themselves in many different ways like difficulties in complying with the rules, an aggressive and defiant behaviour, tantrums and rage episodes.
Additionally to these problems, children with behaviour problems use to have difficulties in adapting to the school environment, which often leads parents and teachers to look for help and support in handling those disruptive ways of behaving. In these cases, parents will have to face psychopathological diagnosis like a “defiant disorder”, “behaviour disorder” of even an “attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity”. In fact, epidemic studies reveal the increase of this kind of disorders during the last decades and the fact that each time, they appear at earlier ages.

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Is “EmPeCemos” a scientifically founded programme?

YES. During the last decades a good amount of knowledge has been gathered on the underlying factors of disruptive behaviour and many intervention models for their treatment have been tested. These previous researches are the basis of our work, which was developed by revising, selecting and adapting prior empirically founded interventions.

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Is the “EmPeCemos” Programme effective?

Our first research results reveal that YES. The programme was already evaluated during its first pilot application in 2004. Between 2005 and 2008 it was assessed three more times at a larger scale in different Galician school centres in the framework of several research projects founded by the Spanish Directorate-General of Scientific and Technical Research. Through these experiences we could ascertain the viability of all three components of the programme (parents’, children’s and teachers’ component) in different Galician schools. These intervention modules are welcomed among parents and teachers and we did already detect first evidences of effectiveness on children’s disruptive behaviour.

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